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  • The Hamiltonian
    From time to time, The Hamiltonian will email you an alert of a new topic that has been posted. If you subscribe to this list, you will be get these notices.
  • Perspectives
    Perspectives operates in a very simple way. From time to time, The Hamiltonian will email a group of virtual panelists a question that is of interest to Hamilton or its local politics. Those who agree to be on the "virtual" panel, can elect to respond to each question or selectively, as your time or interest permits. Passing on a question from time to time, does not render you off the list of panelists, unless you specifically request to be removed. In effect, once you agree to be a panelist, you remain a panelist regardless of whether you opt to respond to each question. A question posed to the panel, will arrive with a deadline. The deadline to submit your answer will ordinarily be 5 business days, however submissions received after the deadline, will not be posted. Your answer need only be a paragraph or two and it is strongly recommended that it does not exceed three paragraphs. Hence, hopefully, it will be quite manageable to respond, if you are so inclined. The panel will be comprised of a cross section of representation from Hamiltonians from all walks of life. Each answer received prior to the deadline, will be posted on This presents an opportunity for you to weigh in with your perspectives on a variety of topics, and will allow for varying perspectives from different angles to come to light for commentary and discussion on the blog. It's yet another way to promote thoughtful discussion and engagement. Note: To be a Virtual Panelist on Perspectives, you will have to provide your name.


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